“The world is full of material; used and unused. How could it be better utilized? "

In many industries, recycled material is valuable and efficiently utilized. Why is the fashion industry just waking up to this. In recent years, awareness of responsibility and the environmental impact of fashion has grown tremendously. Me, Malla Haapanen, the founder of Bymamaha, have been working in fashion business for more than 20 years. I have begun to consider whether industry could be changed;


- Why new collections are launched monthly and sold with discounts really soon?

- Can old-fashioned seasonal sales schedules in the fashion industry be changed?

- Do one have to offer huge quantities of the same product?

- Why transport goods from the other side of the globe?

- Where does all the surplus material and un-sold clothes go?

- Why is the re-use and recycling of raw materials in the clothing industry only now waking up?


The list of questions could just continue endlessly. Based on these thoughts, I started to design products made from recycled materials. First item was GLORIOSA rosette hairbands made from re-loved ties in year 2012 and few years later I created the concept of SCILLA turbans made from recycled scarves and surplus fabrics. Both SCILLA and GLORIOSA are hand made by myself in Alppila, where I live. Due to process each piece is unique. The popularity of the items have lasted the time and they are still the base of Bymamaha selection.


In 2020, I decided to take a step forward by opening my own online store. At the same time, the collection expanded to clothing. New products are also made from surplus materials, which I look for from factory warehouses, material wholesales, flea markets and even from private persons’ households. Production is planned with manufacturers so that even small amounts of material can be utilized. We also strive to utilize cutting waste efficiently by manufacturing e.g. various accessories. Production lots can be very small even one piece. In this case, we state the production quantity in the product description, so it is possible to seize the opportunity before the product runs out.


I hope you fell in love to Bymamaha collection and find your favorite <3


Kind regards